L’Homme de Cuir translates to the “The Leather Man” in French. Symbolizing the vigorous man with his delicate sense of elegance and a heart for leather. Inspired by the Parisian culture of class and sophistication, where quality is always chosen over quantity. Leather never falls short of giving the man a sense of satisfaction. The smell, the touch and the aura of magnificent leather is an age-old statement of delight for any graceful man.

 At L’Homme de Cuir we strive to deliver the highest quality suit accessory products in the market. All our products are made out of the finest French lamb leather, giving the products an eye-catching appearance of quality.

All our products are handcrafted, in order to ensure that only the best parts of the leather skins are used for our products and to perfectionize all the small details on the products. Our leather products come in both leather and suede leather finishes.

Adding a L’Homme de Cuir piece to your outfit will undoubtly give you the feeling of elegance and classic perfection. Be a man of quality, be a L’Homme de Cuir.