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At Vitolli, we are proud of our Italian heritage. All our products are handmade in Italy by world-class artisans and made of the finest Italian suede. Let us take you on a journey to the south of Italy, where the story of Vitolli begins.

Both the suede production and the tie making process take place in the south of Italy. Read more about our suede production at Our tie-making process takes place along the beautiful Amalfi coast. The suede material of our ties takes 9 to 12 weeks to be ready for tie production. Once the suede arrives from Solofra, the tie-making process starts in Amalfi. This process takes an average 2 weeks, as each tie is made by hand. 

Amalfi is known for its blue waters, picturesque buildings and their wonderful lemons. Close your eyes and imagine the fresh breeze of the Mediterranean sea, combined with delicious seafood and Italian wine. Driving through the narrow cliff edge roads along the Amalfi coast, you cannot stop thinking about the beauty of this region, as your drive past ancient castles and colorful villages. 

Close your eyes and imagine the fresh breeze of the Mediterranean sea, combined with delicious pizza and Italian wine.

Vitolli handmade Italian ties


The beauty of the Amalfi coast can be found back in the work of our craftsmen. The passion and love for tie-making often starts at a young age and is passed on through many generations within Italian families. Every tie is made with care and without rush. No detail is forgotten as each tie goes through several quality checks to ensure the consistency and quality. 

The tie-making process starts with analysing the suede skin. As each skin has a unique shape and its own natural characteristics, it is impossible to cut the fabric of each skin in the same structure. Through careful planning, we make sure that we minimise wasting suede during the cutting process and thereby reduce our environmental footprint.


Bow tie cutting Vitolli


The Made in Italy label is more than just a symbol of luxury. It is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. 

The silk used for the details of the tie come from the city of Como, in the north of Italy. An area known for its history in silk production, dating back to the 1400s when the Duke of Milan had the brilliant idea of planting mulberry trees along lake Como. More than 600 years later, the area of Como is world renowned for its silk production. 

Tie production team Vitolli



Neckties are made all around the world. But there is something that makes Italian ties stand out over rest. The Italian culture is a culture where passion meets talent. The Made in Italy label is more than just a label. It is a symbol of quality, luxury and craftsmanship. A symbol that stands for generations of love for the tie making craft.

At Vitolli we do not compete on price. We compete on quality. Our goal is to make timeless products that last forever.

Experience the quality of southern Italy together with us, by adding a Vitolli product to your wardrobe.